All of our freshly baked goodies are homemade and tailored to make you feel right at home. From butter cookies, pound cakes and hand crafted granola, all of our treats are made from carefully crafted Chicago style recipes passed down from generation to generation. As you make new memories or just say thank you to the ones you love, these simply delicious treats make for the gifts for any ocassions!

Turtle Butter Cookies




Our take on the traditional turtle cookie with our butter pecan butter cookies topped with caramel and milk chocolate.

*Only available at markets/pop-ups, delivery or pick up. All other orders will be canceled.*

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Weight 2 lbs

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As a child, I grew up watching my mother bake what I had known as her famous butter cookies. Everyone I had known were enticed by the words butter cookies, but never realizing what it was that was so intriguing about the cookies. In actuality it wasn’t just the decadent taste one experienced once biting into one of her cookies, she was beginning to teach me what she had been taught for many years. She was continuing a legacy passed down from many generations in her family. Her butter cookies were more than just cookies; it was an identity of hers, a family tradition and a legacy to be remembered for generations to come.

My mother, Donna Faye-Pitts Jenkins, founded D’s Gourmet Butter Cookies around 2005, not only as a business venture but also a way to express all of these things. She wanted to share with others who she was, what her family tradition held and a legacy she would continue in her family. Her beautiful business began to flourish over the years as she participated in many events to grow the name; though in 2010, my mother passed from a heart attack. Many questions were raised about her business and who would continue where she left off. Three years later I stepped up to the plate. D’s Gourmet Butter Cookies had not just been her identity, tradition and legacy, but had evolved as mine, now known as Donna Faye’s. I knew in my heart I must continue what she had only just begun.

Jamila O. Jenkins Daughter, Owner & Baker